Nominations for the R.J. Russell Award should be directed to the Vice-Chair. Nominations for the award should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the annual AAG meeting. Beginning in 2004, the individual selected will receive the award at the next years annual meeting (e.g., the nomine selected in 2021 will receive the award in 2022). The award consists of a plaque and complimentary registration to the annual meeting.

This specialty group award is presented in recognition of an individual's major contributions to the field of coastal or marine geography. These contributions may be in research, teaching, public service, and/or to the specialty group. The list of past awardees are available HERE.

Nomination are accepted from CoMa members, but nominees do not have to be members of either the specialty group or the AAG. Two nominations are required for consideration for the Award. At least one of the nominations must include a complete letter of nomination which will include a one paragraph letter describing the nominees contributions to the field of coastal or marine geography and/or to the special interest group and a list of the nominees relevant publications.

Example Letter of Nomination

April 27, 2021

Dr. Vice Chair,

It is my privilege to nominated Dr. Jane Smith for the R.J. Russell Award. She has demonstrated consistent leadership in the Coastal & Marine Specialty Group and in the discipline. This leadership has been demonstrated by her service to the AAG as Chair of the Local Arrangement Committee for the 2003 AAG Annual Meeting, member of the AAG's Geography Core Curriculum Project (2000-2003), and past Board Member of the Specialty Group (1999-2000, 2013-2014). She has produced many research publications of the highest caliber. The quality of her work is best demonstrated by two seminal papers published by the Journal of Coastal Reaserch (JCR). The first, titled Impacts of groins on longshore sediment transport in a low energy environment, was published in JCR in 1997 and the second, A Integrated Model for predicting long-shore and cross-shore sediment transport in low energy environments, was published in 2014.

Dr. Smith's vitae with a complete list of relevant publications is available from the University of Key West, Geography Department, home page at

James Dow III